Harbek's Journal

30th of Marpenoth, 1491 Dalereckoning

In the Lair of the Red Wyrm


My Very Dear Bardryn,

Always in the quiet moments after battle, my thoughts turn to you and the children.

Tonight I lead my loyal companions into another elemental temple, this time with the intent of destroying an elemental artifact. Although I cannot explain the compulsion to do so, I believe this course of action will create a safer Dessarin Valley. When we tossed the elemental spear into that weird portal, I felt the peace of accomplishment and enlightenment overcome me, and I am hungry to lob more such weapons into more hungry portals.

Tonight we warred with the elemental denizens of that temple, including a red wyrm that lacked the good sense to yield to the mightiest meatpackers the Valley has ever known. The creature was so large we ran out of butcher paper to wrap the spicy steaks in, and we had to start grinding meat for sausages.

Sadly, our friend Grandma G could not join us for the battle, but we set aside her share of treasure. I hope she will return soon and bring with her an additional stock of butcher paper. For now, we must carry on without.

Until all debts are paid,



Diochs Randy

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